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About Aria Wellbeing

Matt operates Aria Wellbeing who has a passion for wellbeing and sustainable living.  We offer a unique blend of sustainable lifestyle products and services including:

  • Counselling

  • Life Coaching

  • NDIS Recovery Coaching

  • Sustainable & Organic Skin and Hair Care products

  • Small collection of wellbeing and self-help books

Aria Wellbeing provides counselling and life coaching services. Our focus is on helping you with practical knowledge and support to help you reach your potential and  lead a rich, full, and meaningful life.  We can help to articulate goals, and draw on strengths to put thought into action. We provide support and guidance in wherever you are in life right now.  If you are in a good place, we can help you to take good into brilliant.  If you're feeling a the need your life could be more fulfilling, we can help you move in the right direction and help guide you to be your own coach in the future.  I have lived experience and can help with a range of issues like anxiety, depression, life work balance struggles within the corporate environment, and other challenges.  We can work together to customise several sessions into a packaged bundle to achieve goals specific to you like: 

  • Moving forward

  • Boosting happiness

  • Widening your strengths

  • Work engagement

  • Relationship growth

  • Improving health


And many more.

Drop in and have a chat with Matt at Aria. Matt is passionate about positive change and love to work with you to lead a rich, full, and meaningful life.  We offer in person coaching at Mt Tamborine retail store or by phone or video conference Australia wide which can be booked online.  

Note: We do not provide clinical psychology services. Our services as based on counselling, life coaching, and positive psychology coaching .

Here to help you on your journey

With You Every Step of the Way

Counselling & Life Coaching

If you are like me, you have likely been stifled by doubts, fear, or a lack of certainty.  Or perhaps you are content with your current situation and looking to elevate and flourish some more.  


​It is possible you have felt that you have not been able to talk with others.  You possibly worry others may judge, or even think that you are full of yourself. ​  If this sounds like you, then let’s speak soon.  Let us be the sounding board you need and help with sound practical guidance to improve your wellness and perspective on life. 


We can work together to customise several sessions into a packaged bundle to achieve goals specific to you like:


  • Moving forward

  • Boosting happiness

  • Widening your strengths

  • Work engagement

  • Relationship growth

  • Improving health

And many more.

We also offer NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching for self-managed and plan managed clients.

One Step at a Time, our strengths & values program

Let's be real.  Life is tough. 

If you’re reached this page, it’s likely you are having thoughts and feelings of comparing yourself to others, using the word 'should' a lot, feeling tired, lost and stressed.  Or perhaps you are content but have a yearning to discover ways to make life rich and meaningful.


You have likely read countless books, tried all sorts of easy steps to finding happiness, but to no avail.  

This program is all about providing you with the information essential for laying the foundation for building a strong sound structure of positive wellbeing.

Click below to learn more about the program.

Get to Know Matt

B Psych Sc (Hons) CQU. Assoc MAPS

As a teenager, I had a beautiful kelpie cross red cattle dog named Maverick.  His personality was diverse and rich in many ways, which in part was the inspiration for Aria.  A maverick personality to me means to be independent-minded, unconventional, free spirited, original, and someone keen to make their mark, and to do things their way, on their own terms led by their values.  That was Maverick all round.  

In my own personal life, I often saw myself as a maverick.  Yet through self-doubt, fear, accepting the norms of society, and peoples’ expectations, I never got to fully realise and live a maverick mindset.  This changed when I made the commitment despite fears and doubt to take a ‘maverick’ leap and transition my career from 20 years in the corporate world of banking and finance, to behavioural science.  

I have worked across a variety of roles and learnt a lot about people, risk, management, stress, resilience, and the importance of balance.  Making change, or taking a chance on something new, takes an element of risk.  Through identifying the risk, you can then work out if it is worth pursuing, and what safety nets you can have in place in case something doesn't quite work out.  All of these skills have helped me find my and live by my values which guided me in choosing what I won't accept in my life, both personally and professionally.  I have so many stories I could tell you, and I look forward to sharing these with you on your journey.

​​Commencing in 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Distinction in 2016, and a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours (First Class) degree in 2018.  My research thesis conducted in 2018 examined the health and wellbeing implications associated with the problematic use of dating apps.  Through exploring these further, it may help shape future sexual health strategies (e.g. PrEP, PEP, TasP), and mental health interventions (e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy), in tackling the addiction of app use and its associations to depression and sexual risk taking. Through understanding these associations, it may help prepare health providers deliver greater healthcare.  

While I have the minimum qualifications to progress my career as a registered psychologist, my goal is to connect, help coach, and provide positive life evolution skills to individuals from all walks of life.   I have undertaken postgraduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology at CQUniversity to compliment and build on my prior psychology degrees.  I am also an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society.  

I have also completed a Graduate Certificate of Science specialising in Sport and Exercise to enhance my knowledge in human physiology to further support clients in general health and wellbeing.  In addition, I am currently undertaking a Diploma in Sustainable Living.

Drawing from own personal experience, psychological principles, and spirituality, I want to share my knowledge to help you navigate the ever changing, complex, and fast paced society we live in today.


A wise mentor once told me, and it’s so true, that life is about the journey and not the destination.  Something has brought you to this website today.  Whether it be doubt, uncertainty, or simply looking for tips on making your life the best it can be, let me help you get into the mindset to discover your strengths and values along that journey.



My Qualifications

Why choose Aria Wellbeing?

Great question!!  

When looking for a coach, it is important to consider what qualifications they have.  At Aria Wellbeing, our lead coach Matt has an Honours degree (first class) in Psychological Science.  This degree is accredited by the Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC).  APAC sets and maintains standards for psychology programs and works closely with education providers to accredit programs of study for the purpose of registration in Australia according to the APAC Accreditation Standards.  This accreditation allows our lead coach Matt to pursue formal provisional and general registration.  In addition, our lead coach Matt is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Exercise & Sports Australia, and the American College of Sports Medicine.  When you engage with Aria Wellbeing, while we do not provide clinical psychological therapy, clients can be assured that Matt will work within the guidelines prescribed by the APS.  In addition, as Matt has the qualifications to pursue formal registration, clients can be assured he has received extensive studies.  If you are looking for a coach, ask yourself what qualifications the coach has.  Would you rather a coach with knowledge and training in psychology like our lead coach Matt, or someone with none or little at all?  The choice is yours.    

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) First Class CQUniversity (2017/2018)

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science with Distinction CQUniversity (2012/2016)

  • Postgraduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology CQUniversity (2019)

  • Associate Member of The Australian Psychological Society (2019)

  • Graduate Certificate in Science (General) focused on Sports and Exercise University of Southern Queensland (2021)

  • Diploma of Sustainable Living University of Tasmania (2020 - expected completion 2021)

  • Member of Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)

  • Member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Daily Thoughts

Outdoor Dinner Party

"A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Want to learn more

Curious about your strengths? Then then get in touch today. 


Contact us today and to learn how we may be able to help you live your full potential.  We offer services by phone and video Australia wide, and in person at store (subject to availability).

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